You can probably figure out by yourself that life has its beginning when you are born. However, that’s not when all your life is decided. More importantly, there is not a single moment where your life is already decided, it’s a never ending tapestry of a billion colors. Not all is decided. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.


There’s always a way to start all over

There’s always some way to redefine yourself, to endalbert_einstein_head a chapter and start a brand new one. Take the example of Albert Einstein. As a kid, he learned to talk very late, excessively late, his parents even thought he could be mentally retarded. Although all of this, he still has the reputation of having one of the brightest brains of our history.

Of course this was not something that happened in a heartbeat, by the time he was 18 he had already mastered calculus and was familiar with the most advanced math. The point being that it is possible to begin a new chapter, but you do have to do something, otherwise nothing will change. That’s what an entrepreneur does.

My new chapter

As of today, I’m too starting a new chapter, although I’photo-face-entrepreneurm not at all redefining my entire life. I’m starting this new blog about entrepreneurship, tricks and hints to earn more money, great skills to learn, aerospace engineering, whatever the hell I want to share with the world.

My name is Gonçalo, I’m Portuguese and I’m currently studying to become an aerospace engineer. I try to be a better entrepreneur every day and I’ve always wanted to create a blog about this sort of stuff, where I could share anything I wanted, any tips, interests, but I never had the guts. I started in 2015 a blog about space news and aerospace technology, which I already gave up on since that blog led me to the international astronomy magazine AstroPublishing.


If you stumbled upon this website, The Entrepreneur’s Log, make sure to subscribe for updates, I promise you won’t regret it. And if you regret it, whatever just unsubscribe later. But you won’t. Who cares, it’s free, just subscribe.

Hopefully, this blog will last a lot more than a year, so I hope to create great content for every entrepreneur out there and especially for everyone who follows my work. Feel free to ask me anything or suggest any improvement for the website. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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