One of success’s biggest enemies is LAZINESS, a very well-known and absolutely terrible disease that strikes everyone at some point. Many people look for a way to cure this, and they feel their time of laziness wishing not to be lazy. Well, ever thought about wishing to be PRODUCTIVE? Instead of trying to find a cure, just figure out how to get your laziness times into productivity times. And here are the best ways to be productive:

1. If you’re not working on social networks, SHUT THEM DOWN!


Social networks can be great for growing a business, but they are incredible for distracting.

Just think about how many hours you spend on Facebook, it’s quite difficult to focus with so many posts popping on your mural. Not to mention every other social network you have, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

So if you don’t want to lose any time, shut the social media down!

2. On your computer, close the windows you are not using


This can be related to social networks again, but any browser window that you are not using is a potential distraction and can be counterproductive. Just keep the essentials opened and your time well spent.

3. Surround yourself by a suited environment for being productive

The environment is one of the most important aspects for a productive time. Of course, people are different, some work better on a closed environment, others work better around other people, great-work-environment-productive-entrepreneurslogand some even get more focused while listening to music at the same time. The key is to know yourself and understand how you work better.

If you don’t have any clue on how your surroundings should be, you should try having lots of natural light and your workplace tidy, maybe put on some music but just instrumental, that way you won’t end up singing it. Make sure that you have a natural, well-lit beautiful environment, if possible.

4. If you can, work on something you love

The best thing for you to be productive is to work on something you absolutely enjoy, something that really gets you out of bed and makes your work look like it’s not work at all.

I love Work

You can be productive even if you don’t enjoy your job, but try working on something that amazes you, that really excites you, and then you can be productive all the time without even making an effort for that.

5. Find stuff to motivate you

motivation-productive-entrepreneurslogIf you are not motivated before starting your work, then you’ll lose a significant amount of time before you actually start working.

So try to get motivated by thinking of the reasons why you are doing your work. Maybe for your family? Or maybe to get high grades or to create something amazing.

There are also lots of motivational videos on YouTube as a last resource, but don’t spend much time on them.

6. Establish big but realistic goals within a limited timeframe

Establishing unrealistic goals is often the reason why people give up so quickly, as they start realizing they aren’t doing what they thought they could. So try to create realistic objectivesclimbing-motivation-success-productive-entrepreneurslog and establish a deadline for each of those goals. That way you’ll be able to see the progressive construction of your work taking place, and each goal reached will motivate you to work for the next one.

7. Do not give up after your failures

Think about some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business men and women out there, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. You only know about their goals, and people easily end up thinking they got it right on their first try. But that’s incredibly wrong, everyone fails, and these people failed as well.

The great difference between these successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful ones is the capacity to stand up again and keep going and just keep giving the best they’ve got. So it’s OK to get it wrong and fail a lot, these guys failed and ended up succeeding. Don’t get unmotivated by your failures! Keep trying, start again if necessary.

8. Start once and for all, damn it!

Stop stalling and start working at once! Don’t waste time just thinking about it, write your thoughts down if they are important and if not take them out of your head. I guarantee you, every successful business started the same way: by starting, damn it!

Start your work! Be productive! Succeed!

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