There are amazing websites out there, seriously, AMAZING. There are also tons of crap you can see online, of course. But if you are careful, you can enjoy the internet without being swallowed by all of this. Specifically, you can learn a lot by browsing on some amazing websites that can teach you such interesting things. These are my 12 absolute favorite websites out there to learn cool stuff:

1. MIT OpenCourses


First of all, we have the open courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, free online courses about a great variety of topics. I personally recommend the courses about physic topics and about leadership and entrepreneurship.

2. Instructables is a website with tons of DIY (Do It Yourself) videos and courses that teach you how to build and develop lots of incredible stuff, from a tiny battery to even a 3D printer.

3. Udacity

Udacity has both payed and non-payed courses about web and programming topics, made by top industries such as Google, Facebook, Intel and many more.

4. MOOC.tecnico

I had to talk as well about my college, Instituto Superior Técnico, which has free online courses available for everyone, and best of all, they give you a recognized certificate of completion. The platform is called MOOC.tecnico. I completed a one month course about Markov Matrixes, which is what Google uses in its PageRank algorithm, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

5. Treehouse

Treehouse is probably the best website to learn programming. I recommend this website to anyone from people who never programmed to people who are already professionals, because it’s just amazing. However, you have to pay to learn in this amazing platform, but that way you won’t just give up midcourse. In the end, you’ll be quite happy you gave it a chance and payed some money here, since it is quite worth it.

If you are not 100% sure about it, sign up for a Free Trial by clicking on this image, it’s free and that way you can see first if you like the courses or not!

6. YouTube

Although YouTube has tons of crap, it also has many video tutorials. And if you subscribe to the right youtubers you’ll learn a lot from the world’s greatest video platform.

7. Ukutabs

I had to mention Ukutabs because I absolutely love it. It is a website with the Ukulele chords for lots of songs. And I loved learning how to play Ukulele by analyzing this website library. OK now you know me a little better, and you also have a nice website if you want to buy a Ukulele and learn to play it.

8. TED

TED is just an amazing website with tons of conferences with incredible people talking about topics they are specialized on. The videos are a bit long but they are all worth it. I personally enjoy the ones where illusionists explain how they do their tricks, or the ones where top industry leaders explain how they will revolutionize the world with their new ideas.


9. TED-Ed

Then we also have TED-Ed, which is a subsection of TED website with animated videos that explain in a few minutes and in an easy way complicated topics from history and politics to mathematics and physics.

10. Interesting Engineering

interesting-engineering-websites-entrepreneurslogInteresting Engineering is probably every engineer’s favorite website. You’ll find that each post is more incredible than the other. And the engineering innovations or stunning videos, where the laws of physics are challenged, will never seize. It combines the coolest parts of every engineering job.

11. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works is another nice website, which has small illustrated posts which will teach you the basics of how something is made or works.

12. THIS WEBSITE OF COURSE!cropped-e-log-square.png

Hopefully, this website will also be a great place for you to learn stuff and to get tips on how to be a better entrepreneur, make some money, be productive, and tons of other stuff. If you subscribe to The Entrepreneurs’ Log, I promise you’ll have a great time and become a better business man or woman!

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