You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the world is getting more and more digital every year. The technology evolution rate is getting higher every day. It’s really just exploding in an insane speed. You would think that the world is getting smarter, with lots of people contributing to the advancement of the current technology. That may be true, but there’s a big problem with this new generation. Perhaps I can say OUR generation. The major problem: people do stuff and use stuff without having a clue on how stuff works.


Don’t get angry with me, you may be one of the few exceptions of this rule. So let’s test you out to see if you are part of this freaking epidemic.

  1. Do you know how picture is created on your TV?
  2. How is a text sent from a phone to another?
  3. How 0s and 1s translate into your programs in your computer?
  4. And what about the sound, how does it travel through the electricity?
  5. How does an engine work, or how does an airplane fly?
  6. How does a freakin’ refrigerator keep your water cold??

If you know the answers with absolute certainty, then you are in fact an exception, and congratulations on knowing how stuff works. But the majority doesn’t know how most of these questions are answered. For example, as an aerospace engineering student, I can assure you that an airplane flight is an incredibly complex event with tons of difficulties.


You don’t have, of course, to know everything from current technology to like 500 years ago. If so, you would spend your entire life learning it all. It’s common to just know in general the base of technologies. That way you have the time to improve and evolve it. But that’s not an excuse for this generation to use Instagram without even knowing a little bit of how smartphones work. And that’s what is so wrong with this new generation.

I have a 9-year-old sister who can manage to navigate through the internet without any help or use WhatsApp on a mobile phone. And of course she doesn’t know how computers or phones work, she’s 9! But this happens to people of all ages. Or do you think that half of the world population knows how a damn smartphone works?

By the way, 12 great websites out there for you to explode your way out of this new generation.

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