Is astronomy an interesting topic for you? Well, whether it is or not, I would like to share this amazing international astronomy magazine that is available online 24/7. So here it is: AstroPublishing.


This magazine has its origins in Italy. But the years went by and now it has 4 different linguistic editions: Italian, English, Portuguese and French, ordered by their creations. And the Spanish one is comming soon! What started off as just a small Italian magazine grew into a multilingual enterprise known by thousands of amateur and non-amateur astronomy associations. It has even been mentioned by NASA, which only proves the veracity and high quality of the magazine.

Interesting thing though…

Oh! Did I not mention that I am part of AstroPublishing? In the last months of 2015 I joined this project and the Portuguese edition was finally created for the Portuguese and Brazilian population. I started off as the translator for this new version, so it was a really exciting new chapter for me.

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It is something I’m really enjoying to do and with which I’m learning a lot. And I can only thank the incredible astronomy reporter who gave me this opportunity, Michele Ferrara, director of AstroPublishing and writer of the most outstanding news appearing on the magazine. Don’t believe it, well here are some amazing ones, click on them to read everything:

astronomy-news1-theentrepreneurslog astronomy-news2-theentrepreneurslogastronomy-news3-theentrepreneurslog

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, of course, follow The Entrepreneur’s Log‘s Newsletter through e-mail, you won’t regret it!

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