Programming is one of the most valuable skills on the market these days. Almost EVERYTHING is now programmable, from a thermometer to an airplane. For God’s sake, your smartphone has a computer with more memory than what the Eagle module of the Apollo 11 had!

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Not only is programming an outstanding skill that any company needs, but it is also a knowledge commonly associated with intelligent people. Just watch some spy movies and stuff like that, there’s always some incredible programmer, and guess what, that person is like super smart. And that’s because programmers can do things that seem impossible, they can create an entirely new world, and they have a problem-solving mind like no one else.


My advice for you: learn programming! It seems impossible at first, but then you gain an incredible new capacity, and you’ll be able to see the world and understand it on an entire new level. I started learning in college, and it was part of my course to learn the C language. I absolutely loved it. Then I looked for more programming languages and I learned them online, like JAVA, xml, LaTeX. Programming was amazing! An outstanding world where you can create almost everything, fix problems, program games.

So, how to learn it? There are lots of ways, and I’ve tried so much of them:

1. Programming through books

There are tons of books on programming, but not all are great, and they are usually quite dense, although if you read a good one you’ll definitely learn it. My C programming professor advised me to read the book The C Programming Language – The ANSI edition, a programming best-seller, and I only read it when I was studying for the exam, and I must say it was really good and I enjoyed it quite a lot, it’s many worth spending, and C language is one of the best to learn.

It’s actually available on Amazon so you’re literally a few clicks away from starting to learn it.


2. Through free online courses

Free online courses are also quite good, although since you don’t pay anything for them you easily give up on them. But for me the best ones out there are from Udacity.


3. Through payed courses (Treehouse)

Finally, payed courses, besides having the slight disadvantage of spending money, are always more effective than free courses, since you’ll feel forced to complete the course to not waste your own money. The best one I would say it’s Treehouse, which has tons of success histories. I encourage you to go check them out if you are really committed to learning a new programming language!

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