One time I was looking for online courses that I could apply to while I was in my normal college course, and I stumbled upon an amazing creation: FREE online courses. Of course, I knew this kind of stuff existed, but I always assumed they were just awful. However, I found some free online courses made by elite universities or by leading companies.

1. MIT Open Courses

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides free incredible courses for everyone, and they can go from leadership courses to advanced physics. That way MIT lets everyone in the world learn with their incredible professors.


2. Harvard Open Courses

Just as MIT, Harvard has a website with tons of free online courses, more about business and economics than math and physics.


How great it is that these top universities let everyone learn these amazing things!

3. Udacity free courses

udacity-theentrepreneurslogUdacity is just an amazing website with tons of courses related to programming and other IT skills. Here in Udacity I learned how to program android apps and in the JAVA language.

What’s so incredible about these free courses is that they are fully designed by top leading industries, such as Google, Facebook, Intel and many more.

If you are really interested on learning how to program, the most important skill that exists for the future, you should REALLY check out these GREAT WAYS TO LEARN HOW TO PROGRAM.

4. So many more free online courses available

There are indeed tons of free online courses out there for you to enjoy, but a lot of them are complete crap. You should pick free courses developed by top industries or great known colleges, because they do exist!

If none of these websites satisfied you, try googling something like “universities open courses”, you’ll be surprised!


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