My fellow readers, today I’m here to talk about a particular group inside the human race that is conquering the world, and in which I’m very proud to belong to: ENGINEERS. And here’s why:

1. Engineers are self-taught

Every engineer must keep up with the latest technologies, so we never stop being students of the world. For this to happen, they must be able to teach themselves the skills they need for each new situation and each new problem. Besides, college cannot teach every engineering skill that exists, so an engineer must figure out which skills are needed for something and then manage to learn them.

2. Engineers are problem solversengineers-problem-solvers-theentrepreneurslog

Yup, you want something fixed or some difficult situation solved? Then an engineer is the best person for this.

They are trained for picking up on some new ridiculously difficult problem and solve it using their brains and their knowledge of the real world.

3. They see the world on a totally different level

Every engineer can see every scale of the world, from microscopic to macroscopic, from the smallest atoms to the biggest stars orbiting around a galaxy. It is an amazing skill to see every level of the world.

4. They UNDERSTAND the world

It is quite true. They do not see some formulas jumping on the air but they can look at almost any phenomenon and understand why it happens. Either the behavior of a river or the power of Mercedes motor, engineers know how it works.


5. An engineer is a leader

Just see who runs and who created the greatest companies out there. From IT engineers to aerospace and electrical ones, these people are the ones who are leading the world’s largest companies. Besides, nowadays engineers are taking the place of business managers, since they have the most skills, they are indeed problem solvers and they are highly productive.

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6. Engineers change the world

These amazing persons are the ones who strive between the market, they have the skills to innovate and to continue with the evolution of technology. Imagine what the world would be right now without the creation of cellphones, airplanes. How little would we know about what’s out of our planet without the top telescopes and rockets?

We live in the digital era. And without engineers, this era would not exist at all.


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