A Blog is this great thing that appeared decades ago and enabled people to share whatever they wanted.


Whether about their own lives or just some stuff they wanted to put out there for everyone, in an easy-to-build website platform that is online for the world to see. What’s amazing is that, even though this was created so much time ago, it STILL is a great idea to create your own blog!


I created this one, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision. Not only it allows me to speak my mind to the online community and share my knowledge and life experience, but it gives me a great opportunity to learn website and marketing skills, not to mention earn some nice money.

So, why blogging? Here’s why:


1. It’s free to just blog

You can create your own blog for free on some amazing platforms, such as Wix or WordPress. There is Blogger as well but I personally don’t find it very good looking or professional. My favorite is, of course, WordPress.

2. It’s fun!

It’s so fun to create original content, to share your thoughts, to see people liking what you write. And best of all, it’s incredible to see an online community forming around you.

Lift off!

3. It allows you to have a nice online follower community

As I said, building a list of followers is one of the perks of having a blog. It gives you power to make a change on the web, and to make a difference on people’s lives.


4. You will learn a lot

Website development is one of the most valuable skills today, as well as online marketing. I cannot express how much I’ve learned about SEO, online marketing, Social Media entrepreneuring, and many many more!

This is just a great way to learn tons of valuable skills, and you can see my other posts where I share some of them.

5. Money money!

Another great perk of having a powerful followers list is that you can earn a lot of money just by advertising whatever you want. And there are lots of ways to do this, from Google Ads to guest posting.

Check this for example:

This is Treehouse, the most amazing platform for you to learn how to program. Although you can see more sites for it here, this is my absolute favorite. So, if you click on it and subscribe for a Free Trial, or for a real Techdegree, I’ll be making some money. It’s that easy!

6. You can earn even more if you want, by becoming Professional!

Professional Blogging is what I do, and it can lead you to earning much more money through blogging and having fun.

The best way for it is to make a highly professional blog is through BlueHost hosting.

Although it says $5.95, it is actually much cheaper, since it is on sale. The best way for you to earn money blogging is to create a BlueHost blog and then earn money through referrals. It is that simple!

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