For the most part, social media is a strong marketing tool that will help small businesses grow tremendously while having to spend less or even nothing at all. In terms of the amount of reach that social media could give, there’s no reason to second guess in using it for increasing a small businesses’ presence.

There’s a wide range of social media channels for small businesses to choose from such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but it’s up to them which one taps their customer the most. Fortunately, here’s the basic overall guide to quickly master social media marketing:

1. Seek the help of management software

One thing that social media marketing presents is the idea of a 24/7 presence. There are a lot of social media management apps to choose from, but it still depends on the business’ goals and objectives. On the top of the list are popular software like Hootsuite and Buffer for beginners.

Allot a time to study the basics and all the customization that the software provides. In the first few weeks, scheduling posts is the way to go. But after some time, make sure to learn the other features of the software to maximize what it could do for the business.

2. Appreciate the idea of automation

Tasks like following people back, retweeting, mentioning, responding to messages, and posting content look like daunting for a beginner, but this could all be done in social media marketing through automation.

In this manner, use the free time available to focus on the other aspects of the business without worrying about its social media presence. Then again, it is important to find the balance between automating everything and making some of the engagements personal. This community can even be an avenue for customer support.

3. Look at the numbers

When it comes to this tip, data analytics is a best friend. It’ll give the business correct data in order for the review and predictions of the past and future posts.

Which social media channel is most effective for the business? Which post generated the most engagement? At what time do customers’ interact most with the business? All of these could be determined when the numbers show up.

4. Groom to be follow-worthy

To increase the followers of the business, make interaction a daily (or weekly) priority. Customers appreciate active social media accounts.

Customize a hashtag to track the posts from the customers. Initiate an interactive content like quizzes and contests. The small business will find its popularity in no time.

Next, build a community. This is one way for the business to retain its followers and gain more. This will ensure a regular engagement and interaction between the business and its customers. It shows that the business puts value to the customers’ input and utilizes it for everyone’s benefit.

It’s been proven effective for internal processes of an organization, so social media community for small business’ could follow suit.

5. Create shareable content

Customers that are online like to see the business they’re following post quality content. As a first step, the business could observe its competitors to get inspirations on how they do their social media marketing. Next, make sure to promote this content. It’s a natural thing for an online community to share posts. Do post boosting and sponsored posts if the business finds the need to do so.

As the business piles up the content, it can already observe which posts work best with their customers, and do more similar posts to sustain its growth.

Although this guide is here for small businesses, the management of social media marketing still relies on the behavior of customers online. Always be aware where the trend goes. The small business should find its own voice and brand, and be a master in its own right.

Guest Author’s Bio:

Franco is the President and CEO of Foxhole Business Center. Franco has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Even at a very young age, he would constantly find an opportunity to make a little cash on the side. May it be selling women’s bracelets made out of safety pins and cheap stones or writing research papers for his rich classmates who didn’t want to study, he took advantage of each chance he got. Now, as a father of three and a full-time entrepreneur, he believes that there is always an opportunity to be of service to your fellow businessman. All you need to have is the right intention, and the proper skill set to be of help to others. In his downtime, he and his wife find new things to distract their kids with.

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