How to Master Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

For the most part, social media is a strong marketing tool that will help small businesses grow tremendously while having to spend less or even nothing at all. In terms of the amount of reach that social media could give, there’s no reason to second guess in using it for increasing a small businesses’ presence.


How to make money with Logo designing

Why a Logo is so important Every company needs a Logo, some image compilation that identifies the brand, the business. It doesn’t even have to be something huge and complex, most big successful companies have a quite simple logo. And why are logos so important? Well let’s just try some experiments. Think a little bit


Why a Blog is such a Top Notch Idea

A Blog is this great thing that appeared decades ago and enabled people to share whatever they wanted. Whether about their own lives or just some stuff they wanted to put out there for everyone, in an easy-to-build website platform that is online for the world to see. What’s amazing is that, even though this


Why Engineers are just the best

My fellow readers, today I’m here to talk about a particular group inside the human race that is conquering the world, and in which I’m very proud to belong to: ENGINEERS. And here’s why: 1. Engineers are self-taught Every engineer must keep up with the latest technologies, so we never stop being students of the


At least 3 Amazing places with tons of Free Online Courses

One time I was looking for online courses that I could apply to while I was in my normal college course, and I stumbled upon an amazing creation: FREE online courses. Of course, I knew this kind of stuff existed, but I always assumed they were just awful. However, I found some free online courses


Programming – How to learn this great skill

Programming is one of the most valuable skills on the market these days. Almost EVERYTHING is now programmable, from a thermometer to an airplane. For God’s sake, your smartphone has a computer with more memory than what the Eagle module of the Apollo 11 had! Not only is programming an outstanding skill that any company


The Strange World of Advertising and its Secrets

Easy question: how does a store get profit? It needs consumers, people who hear about the store and go buy there. The same goes for every other business. Every company needs to have clients to be successful, they need orders or visitants or buyers or whatever. So, every business needs to spread their word out


Do you like astronomy? Here’s AstroPublishing!

Is astronomy an interesting topic for you? Well, whether it is or not, I would like to share this amazing international astronomy magazine that is available online 24/7. So here it is: AstroPublishing. This magazine has its origins in Italy. But the years went by and now it has 4 different linguistic editions: Italian, English,


What’s wrong with this new generation

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the world is getting more and more digital every year. The technology evolution rate is getting higher every day. It’s really just exploding in an insane speed. You would think that the world is getting smarter, with lots of people contributing to the advancement


12 Websites to learn some great quality material

There are amazing websites out there, seriously, AMAZING. There are also tons of crap you can see online, of course. But if you are careful, you can enjoy the internet without being swallowed by all of this. Specifically, you can learn a lot by browsing on some amazing websites that can teach you such interesting